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Underwood Aggregator Foam Camping Mattress – Roll Up Sleeping Mat for Cot, Foam Sleeping Pad for Camping with Cover for Kids, Adults, Portable Camping Mat, Camping Pad for Bed, Car

Price: $79.99 (as of Sep 07,2023 18:38:35 UTC – Details)

It is universally acknowledged that it is not easy to find trustworthy camping gear and that is one of the main reasons we built Underwood Aggregator.

Underwood Aggregator is a hands-on think tank of imaginative designers, materials experts, and product developers.

Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to a camping foam sleeping pad. A good sleeping pad can transform hours of tossing and turning in the wild into a decent night’s sleep. Underwood Aggregator memory foam camping pads are the one item that should be on every backpacker’s pack list. We live for outdoor adventure and we hope you find our honest recommendations helpful.

1. With a combination of proper length, width, and thickness, it will insulate you from the cold ground. Foam pads strike a good balance of insulation so that most backpackers and campers will be happy with the warmth they provide.
2. The travel mattress has a rare combination of comfort, support, and warmth that make it very tough to beat for backpacking.
3. This superior outdoor camping mat comes with a sleeping pad, and carry bag, which makes it easy to carry around for moonlight lovers alike when they go camping, hiking, on any expeditions, and much more. This makes them versatile car, tent, and bag foam camping pads and caming mattresses.

Fabric Material: Foam
Capacity: 1 Person
Dimension: 75”x25”x2”(cot) 63”x26”x2”(kid) 75”x30”x2.75”(single)
Weight: 5.84lbs(cot) 5.51lbs(kid) 9.5lbs(single)
Packed Size: 6.2”x6.2”x25.5”(cot, kid) 6.2”x6.2”x29.5”(single)
VERSATILE CAMPING COT MATTRESS PAD: This camping foam mattress is for cots. There are strips on each corner of the camping pads for sleeping. That smart design can keep your roll up camping mattress stay fixed on the cot. In addition, you can also use this camping mattress pad for floor, tents, beds, bunks, and cars like trucks, vans and SUV. This multifunctional camping cot mattress pad will give you superior camping experience
MACHINE WASHABLE SLEEPING PAD FOAM: This camping sleeping mat is machine washable because the cover of it can be detached, so it is easy to clean up. You can connect the folding mattresses for camping together to make a bigger bed with the Velcro on each side of them. In addition, the outdoor camping mat comes with two straps that makes it portable
HIGH QUALITY SLEEPING MATTRESS FOR CAMPING: Being sturdy, puncture, and stretch-resistant, the travel bed can survive a brutal environment, and that makes it more resilient. Being skin-friendly velvet shell, the cover is sleek and elastic. When stored and cared for properly, this compact camping outdoor mat lasts an extremely long time
SMART DESIGN: This camping foam pad is convenient to roll up and store. The foam sleeping mat comes with shoulder straps, so you can carry it on your back. Moreover, you can sleep on both sides. Two sides are gray and blue. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about air leakage compared with traditional air roll up mattress
100% WARRANTY GUARANTEE: Our Underwood Aggregator sleeping mat pad undergoes rigid inspection before its departure from the factory. Should you have any problems, please feel free to reach out to us. We are ready to help and happy to hear from you. Your satisfaction, our responsibility

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