Camping Showers

Portable Outdoor Camp Shower Camping Shower Pump Rechargeable Portable Shower Head for Camping Beach Swimming Hiking Traveling

Price: $29.90 (as of Sep 07,2023 15:15:22 UTC – Details)

【What’s in the Box】
1 x Shower head and 1 x Pump
1 x Battery
1 x 6 ft (1.8 m) Hose
2 x O-ring
1 x Suction cap and 1 x Hook for hanging
1 x Shower head holder
1 x USB adapter cord
1 x 2.6 ft(0.8 m) USB charge cable

【Versatile Shower System】
Whether camping, hiking, gardening or cleaning, enjoy all the amenities of home without the need for plumbing.
Simply place the pump in a bucket of water, and watch as it pushes a continuous stream up the hose and out the handheld showerhead.

1.When using it for the first time, please use up the battery before charging.
Then fully charge it all at once before using it, which is good for battery life.

2.It can’t work when charging. When it is charging,the led light is green.The light will turn to red when fully charged in 2-5 hours.

3.Only charge this device with a 5v adopter or less. Do not charge it with an adapter that’s more than 5 volts.

4.Do not leave the motor working without water.
Do not put the shower into the water while the motor is working. Blocked water flow will cause damage to the motor and power supply.
Do not let the pump work for a long time, work for 10-15 minutes or so after a few minutes of rest, and then use the best.

5.Before use, after inserting the power cable into the power supply interface, be sure to turn and tighten the power supply to ensure that the power cable connector is not loose before normal operation.

6.Please keep the product dry after use and then store it.

【Easy to Operate】 Attach pump and shower head to the hose. Immerse the pump completely in the water, then use the hook, bracket or suction cup provided to secure the shower before turning on the power. Finally the water is pumped up from bucket and you get a nice flowing shower.Scientific and beautiful design, easy disassembly, charging and cleaning.
【Safe and Convenient】Outdoor camping shower water filter system to ensure that the water is clean and protect the shower head from being clogged.Portable shower can work in water temperatures ranging from 5°C to 60°C.The O-ring protects water from escaping from the connection of the shower hose and showerhead.
【Science & Durability】Hand-held independent power design, separated from the pump. There is no need to put the battery in the water, and the shower can be turned on and off at any time, effectively saving electricity and water. It also protects and improves battery life.
【Rechargeable Battery】 The portable electric shower has a built-in lithium battery,which can be used continuously for 45-60 minutes after being fully charged;A type-C charging cable, direct charge from USB port, car adapter or computer, laptop ( output of 5V/1A~2A ).

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