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Ozark Trail, 8 Person Yurt Camping Tent

Price: $177.38 (as of Sep 08,2023 13:08:40 UTC – Details)

The Ozark Trail 8 Person Camping Yurt Tent is fit for all your family or group needs. From camping out at festivals, weekend family/group events, or even simply hanging out in the backyard, this 13’ x 13’ tent is easy to set up and can comfortably accommodate a large group. This unique tent design allows for more comfortable head room while still allowing you to spread out and make great use of all the floor space. Enough room to easily fit two queen-sized air mattresses and the built-in mud mat at the entrance helps to keep your tent clean of dirt and other debris. Speaking of built-ins, your tent also includes other useful built-in features, such as the handy camp table in the center. The table has great day to night uses, during the day use it as a traditional space to play on or keep drinks safe; at night, use it to store items up and out of the way for added floor space when cozying up for the night.

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